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1 Pair Ordered = $1 USD Donated

Our team work together with non-profit organizations, in goal of making an actual change.
Cause as much as we love to walk the talk, we’re here to walk the earth.


The Factory Farming Awareness Coalition inspires and empowers individuals and institutions to create a more just, compassionate, and sustainable food system. By educating young people and stakeholder audiences about factory farming and equipping them with the tools to oppose it, FFAC builds both an inclusive consumer base as well as an informed citizenry that support cultural and legislative change for the benefit of all.

1$ from each Factory Farming pair sold is donated to FFAC, helping raise awareness of a more sustainable food system.

Bhejane Trust

(“Bhejane” is the local Ndebele name for Black Rhino) is a Zimbabwe registered non profit trust, established in 2010 by two Zimbabwean conservationists. Bhejane Trust is assisting National Parks in many aspects of the management and operations of the Parks estate in north western Matabeleland, including facilitating anti-poaching and deployments, research work, staff welfare, and a host of other missions, as well as the original Rhino monitorin program. Bhejane Trust relies on donor funding to undertake it’s operations. Bhejane Trust runs a volunteer, or Field Assistance, program, which makes it possible for conservationists and wildlife enthusiasts to join up with the Bhejane team, and enjoy this rare and exciting opportunity to experience the real Africa of vast, remote places, and to actively assist in the conservation and survival of the magnificent wild animals which inhabit this wilderness.

For each Poaching Collection pair sold, a dollar will be donated to empower Behajne Trust’s actions of saving wildlife.


Backed by a scientific network, is growing a movement of small and large responsible companies committed to having a positive impact for people and for our planet. WeForest works with communities, local organizations and NGOs to develop scalable reforestation projects, demonstrating how it is possible to mobilize communities and restore our degraded soils.

WeForest is using 1$ out of every Global Warming pair sold to build forest restoration scientific solutions.

Drifters Project by Oceanic Society

Oceanic Society is a non-profit organization that works to improve ocean health, by deepening the connections between people and nature.

Drifters Project, founded by Pam Longobardi in 2006 as part of Oceanic Society, in purpose of centralizing the artist as culture worker/activist/researcher. Now a global collaborative entity, Drifters Project has removed tens of thousands of pounds of plastic pollution from the coastal zones of natural environments around the world and re-situated it as collective social sculpture and installation.
We address the root cause of nature decline: human behavior.

For each Ocean Waste pair sold 1$ will help Oceanic Society team save marine life.

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For Men For Women
5-9 8-12 5-9 8-12
US shoe size 4-7 8-12 5-9 10-14
EUR shoe size 36-40 40-46 35-40 41-46
UK shoe size 3-6 7-11 3-7 8-11
For Men
5-9 8-12
US 4-7 8-12
EUR 36-40 40-46
UK 3-6 7-11
For Women
5-9 8-12
US 5-9 10-14
EUR 35-40 41-46
UK 3-7 8-11

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